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EuChina (2006 - 2008)

The bioinformatics team participated in the project called EuChinaGrid. The unification of the European grid system with the one in China was the main purpose of the Project. The participants: Beihang University, Beijing (China), CNIC (China), IHEP, Beijing (China),·Peking University, Beijing (China), GRnet (Greece),·Consortium GARR (Italy), Department of Biology, Università di Roma3 (Italy), INFN (Italy), Jagiellonian University in Krakow (Poland), CERN (Switzerland).

The task for Krakow team was the large-scale calculation to test the newly organized, unified grid system. The calculations were focused on the structural analysis of proteins. The University RomaTre team and our team were involved in prediction of the 3-D structure of proteins of 60 aa polypeptide chain length. The Rome team performed calculations exploiting ROSETTA program, while Krakow team performed calculations using the “fuzzy oil drop” model. The objects of calculations were Never Born Proteins (aa sequence generated randomly) which were assumed to carry the biological activity unknown so far. The prospective pharmacological application was expected. The set of 10 000 sequences were analysed in the project.