Uniwersytet Jagielloński Collegium Medicum Zakład bioinformatyki i telemedycyny


We are ready to collaborate with clinicians in the field:


We develop tools for any project in bioinformatics and system biology.
We are experiences in protein structure prediction, computer aided drug design and any other


We are experienced in generation of virtual patients. There is no medical specialization which is not applicable for virtual patients formalism. We are able to adopt your clinical data to the data base standards. 


We offer statistical consultations concerning medical data analysis to all students, PhD students and research workers of Jagiellonian University. Our proposition covers the complex support in analysis of experimental results beginning with the data collection, through the statistical calculations, ending with preparing the final conclusions. contact: mgr Andrzej Stanisz (tel.: 12 6199695, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )


If you are interested in developing any form medical information Jeśli zainteresowania Państwa dotyczą technik przesyłania informacji medycznej niezależnie od jej formy (wszystkie typy nośników informacji w tym audio-wideo) to stanowimy dobre miejsce do współpracy

Serious games:

Diagnostic and therapeutic processed can be supported by in silico tools called serious games. Serious games link the entertainment with serious decisions (http://www.fais.uj.edu.pl/ + videos). The emotions are employed to push the patient to win with the disease. “To win” means get recovered. The closer we approach the aim (the standard clinical parameters) the bigger is the award In form of longer or more interesting game. The gane is dependent on the gender of patent as well his/her age.

If you share with us your scenarions we are ready to prepare the serious game which brings the advantages to both: patient and doctor.